August 2023 – Berlin

The Success Story of ICETL 2023

Virtual Session

Name Affliation Article title
education conference Dr. Nevset Gul Canakcioglu Ozyegin University, Turkey A Methodological Approach to Informal Learning: A Case Study On Learning Science in A VR-Based Environment
education conference Dr. Stellah Chewe Sabi University of KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa An Analysis of Compromised Psychological Safety in Health Profession Training and Practice: Implications on Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Model
education conference Dr. Alicia Curtin University College Cork, Ireland Connecting Primary, Secondary and Home Education in Literacy Pedagogy: Reading and Writing Pathways through Children’s and Young Adult Literature
education conference Dr. Hilda Freimuth Thompson Rivers University, Canada Unique Learning Spaces around the World: Examples and Steps for Creating Similar Initiatives
education conference Mr. Marcus Pedersen UCL, United Kingdom Flipping the classroom with a twist
education conference Dr. Carlos Jaimez-González Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico Supporting the Learning of Programming Logic Through a Block-based Online Game
education conference Mrs. Betzabet García-Mendoza Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico Online Tool for Generating Visual Messages to Support the Mazatec Indigenous Language Education
education conference Mrs. Adriana María Morales Vasco Universidad del Tolima, Colombia Examining the correlation between emotions and undergraduate students´ academic achievement: a characterization in and for the intricate Colombian setting
education conference Dr. Viktoriia Chorna Sodertorn University, Sweden What did 20th-century educators think about religious education and its role in students’ sustainable development?
education conference Prof. Paula Enciso Technological University/ Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Uruguay Strengthening innovation skills in Higher Education through an interdisciplinary continuing education program
Tutoring for the completion of studies in Udelar’s workers
education conference Mrs. Maria Osipenko Berlin School of Economics and Law – Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, Germany On the impact of nonverbal signaling in online teaching
education conference Mr. Yuichi NISHIMOTO Kyoto University of Education, Japan Sense-making Pedagogy: K. Lewin’s Field Theory and Vygotsky’s Perezhivanie as a Human Existential
education conference Dr. Steve Rhine The Pacific University, United States Invasion of the Curriculum Snatchers
education conference Dr. Amina Manal Zidi University of The West of Scotland, United Kingdom Home and Away: the lived experiences of UK-based Algerian doctoral graduates on returning home to Algeria.
education conference Dr. Marina Calleja-Reina Universidad de Málaga, Spain Educational modalities and supports for people with severe intellectual disabilities, minority diseases and complex communication needs.
The impact of aided augmented input with the EC+ app on the development of communicative skills in children with autism spectrum disorders